Wednesday, February 21, 2007

with a grammy of salt

of course, like tina, i was ecstatic to find that the panel noted that ike turner is still on the beat and churning out good music, rewarding him with a fine grammy in his silver years - good job! i do however wonder at some of the categories: best album notes? well, obviously my talents as a writer are sooooo targeted towards the wrong audience - this year i will beg musicians to see if they'll give me a shot at immortality through the writing of their album notes.... best traditional world music - now, this one is the real stunner; you stand up and look at the whole-complete-entire-boundless world, and decide, you know what? that there is traditional world music - a sweet mix of turkish, mongolian, inuit, madagascan rhythms with a funk twist! yeah, we'll give an award for whatever sounds the most like that! and people say i live off fabrications!! i'll take that with a grammy of salt, thank you.

anyway, that's my rant, goodnight!

oh, i found a great music blog randomly. if you're into music then have a look-see:

what i'm reading/listening to

Von Freeman - Doin' It Right Now (He's so dope, and he's been around for a while. Oddly, for a minor jazz head, I just got to hear about him through some Chicago connections of mine 'cos he's a Chicago musician! Check out his info on his tripod site. I really need to start a page so I can connect with some more jazz!)


x-24: unclassified edited by Tash Aw and Nii Ayikwei Parkes (It's not out until next month, but I'm one of the editors so reading is one of my perks!)

x-24 cover

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

new podcast

just a little something i've been working on:

i'll be back on active duty soon, but for now i'm in hibernation :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

my uncle said...

"I nurse a beard, as rebel young men do
And I love to sit and watch its bohemian growth

Each hair a sonorous protest."

Francis Ernest Kobina Parkes (1932 - 2005) aka Uncle Frank
Ghanaian poet, journalist, and editor

I couldn't agree more - I do the same with my hair :), and lately I've been pulling it and playing it like guitar strings 'cos I have too much to do and I'm broke. Another rejection slip came in the post, as well as a cheque for something I sent out at the same time. Amazing isn't it? That the universe gives us balanced balance sheets sometimes? Anyway, here comes that hunger again...