Thursday, September 20, 2007


So, I've been at the Brooklyn Book Festival as an editor, putting on readings and meeting folk and, in the days since, I've been scouting Brooklyn, which appears much more European in architecture than Manhattan with its high skylines, and, I swear, I saw a house front exactly like the Cosby's! What's been cool is checking out different areas; like Bed Stuy where I saw a guy from Ghana sitting on a stoop with an umbrella, manning his store from the outside, just like they do in Accra's famous Makola market; Park Slope, where I hung out with fellow Ghanaian writer Mohammed Naseehu Ali (whose 'Prophet of Zongo Street' you absolutely HAVE to buy and check out); and Canarsie, where I'm staying with my friend and fellow poet, Ainsley Burrows, where I had the best Ackee and Salt Fish with green bananas this morning.

Right now, I'm sitting in a library off Fulton Street marveling at how many kids rush straight from school to the library, wondering what London is doing wrong!

Anyway, news links:
My dear friends, Lloyd & Adwoa seem to be doing well/surviving in 'The Restaurant':
I just did a piece for the short story website:
and this weekend I'll be speaking at the Soundbites Festival:

OH, and Bringing the House Down is on soon too - go and book...:

Got to run, but more to come...