Monday, July 31, 2006

the short season

I was just looking over my attempt at a two-year plan last week and I realised how far behind I am on my life - already 3 months off-schedule! One of the things I'm supposed to have finished is a short story collection and I think there are only 3 I'm completely happy with; my target is 15!! So, I've decided to motivate myself by entering as many competitions as I can in the next month and submitting to magazines - even if it means they'll reject me and stomp on my ego. I thus officially name the next two months "the short season".

The real problem of course is that I take on too much. Today, I'm up early but I have to leave home in like 15 minutes so that I can make it to central London and pick up some books. Then, this evening, I'm hosting an event I love - aromapoetry ( - with an open mike that always throws up beautiful surprises. Sometimes the talent is so good that I don't want it to end. However, from now on - especially today - I'll be leaving as soon as the clock strikes over. Oh, then I'm off to Courttia Newland's book launch so I guess I'll get to write 'round midnight (the Miles Davis curse!) Regardless, Courttia's Music for the Off Key is a seriously good collection of short stories; pick it up if you can! After all it's the short season...

what i'm reading/listening to

Musicology by Prince

Communion by Jacob Sam-La Rose

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