Monday, December 24, 2007

the thomas crown affair

yes, i know, it's been a long while since i blogged - life happens and e-living must take a back seat. anyway, during my time away i watched the remake of the thomas crown affair again and i must say i think it's one of pierce brosnan's best films; he shows his pecs and butt, has faye dunaway as his shrink and, man, hasn't that film got one of the best soundtracks? from nina simone to some good old songs from martinique rendered in french kreyol... for a jazz/music lover, that film is right 'cos they allow the music to play, it's not just tiny snippets. so, i've been thinking about thomas crown 'cos, well, you now how intangible things happen that people start to develop explanations for? i've felt like that since my first novel was sold (yes, my first novel tail of the blue bird has been sold to random house in the UK and i started a facebook group for it); i keep hearing stories about who helped me put the book together... as my mother often says hmm... can everybody just take a back seat? the novel started with this image that's been in my head for ages and ages which gradually developed layers as life happened around me... no, i won't go into that, because i'll just get mad and start slagging people off... what i want to say is... that it's been a good year; i moved in with my sweetheart, i sold my novel, i got a fellowship, i paid some bills, i travelled, i dreamed... and i'm STILL making my living as a writer - unbelievable!

and tonight, i bumped into some of my former students from a poetry slam project i worked on, from bishop douglas school (london) in a club and, damn, was i proud? they've grown up so well - mature, well-spoken, full of verve and dreams, and they are all still good friends. everything is alright with the world...

may your years end well too... may thomas crown machinations stay far from your door :)

what i'm reading:
flights of love - bernhard schlink

what i'm listening to:
come into knowledge - RAMP (Roy Ayers Music Production)

what i recommend:
29 ways to drown - niki aguirre (i edited it, but i recommend it because it is just the best collection of shorts i've read this year)
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