Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nominations galore

So, some of you will know that I am an editor as well as a writer - and I'm pleased to let the world know that I have been longlisted for the UK Young Publishing Entrepreneur award run by the British Council. It's a recognition of all my sleepless nights as an editor so I'm very very proud and to add to that the company, flipped eye publishing, is trying to rack up nominations for the Mashable Open Web Awards in the niche category for our online translation wiki, lexicon [ www.flippedeye.net/lexicon ] please add your nomination below - thanks!

In other news, I have a reading [mainly poetry] in London on November 13 at Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill, Waterlow Park from 8pm. Please come and support.
Event details are also on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events.php?ref=sb#/event.php?eid=27331766247

I think that's it for now - a real blog to come soon. So much has happened in the world!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nii - Really enjoyed meeting you at Lauderdale House and discovering your poetry. I've got a Nina Simone thing going on right now, its 'the fire in her lungs' in Mississippi Goddamn, and the way her blue voice takes me stealthily 'by the hand' - thanks for putting those feelings into your words. 'Pebbles 1980: The Ghana Years' was a compelling read - its skillful, vivid intertwining of family lore and political reflections drew me steadily into the times and places described, some far from my own experiences, some seemingly close in their desire for 'easy sharing' and their eyes that 'see everything/ as beautiful - except beauty itself'. Beauty itself can be so misleading, but 'everything is holy' as another poet said. I also especially liked the shimmer of untold stories in poems like 'Washing The 244GL, 2004', and 'Fading To Wild'. I'm looking forward to reading 'Eyes of A Boy, Lips of a Man', and your novel when it comes out. Congratulations also on your nominations for flipped eye - it's great that you are getting recognition for your commitment to new and international voices.

Unknown said...

Naomi, thanks for your positive comments and your attention to the work. I enjoyed your reading at Lauderdale House and, although I haven't read 'The Night Pavillion' in full yet, my flip random reading-while-travelling method uncovered a minuscule gem in 'Small Blossoms'. I'm sure we'll cross paths again soon - or, in the words of Ainsley Burrows, we'll path crosses...