Thursday, May 28, 2009

what June promises

It's turning out to be one of those periods when I don't have much time for thought - and since this blog is called 'the thought movement' (homage to 'the love movement' by A Tribe called Quest) it's no surprise I haven't been blogging much. And, I have to admit, European summers always mess with my body clock - in Ghana, the sun goes doan at 6pm plus or minus a few minutes, and rises at 6.30am plus or minus... you know what I mean, your body can respond to light without getting schizophrenic. The thing is, I have been TRYING to write, but that's not moving very swiftly after a pretty good start - and that might be because I'm working on a couple of things at the same time and the deadline is on the one I'm not in the mood for, but hey... Anyway, in between, I'm reading some great poetry from Brazil and Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold', which was recommended to me by my friend Pablo. With all this going on, it's sort of easy to forget that I have a novel due for release in seven days - one week - quarter of a month(ish), MAN! I am working on arranging a big launch party in July, but - for now - here are a few dates that are lined up for the book in June:

June 1 - Radio interview (details TBC)
June 2 - 12.45 PM - BBC World News interview (TV)
June 3 - 12.30 PM -
BBC World Service Africa interview (Radio)
June 4 - Official Release date for Tail of the Blue Bird (available NOW from sellers)
June 9 - 11.30 AM - BBC World Service - The Strand reading/interview (pre-recorded - broadcast date TBC)
June 17 -
8.00 PM -reading at Borders Newbury with flipped eye publishing authors
June 25 - 6.00 PM - reading at Borders Leeds with flipped eye publishing authors

I hope you've all got the book, but I know its full price is a bit high for a paperback so REMEMBER you can ask your library to get it. Now reviews as yet, except one from Geek Pie: but we're expecting some in the Observer and a couple of other journals.

Cool stuff that's happened? I've been put on a list of GREAT past students of my secondary/high school - that's way better than any accolade I'll ever ever get - even if I get the Nobel. I mean it. Achimota School was simply one of the greatest experiences of my life.

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Robert said...

Can you Kick it, yes you can! TCQ I think.

Hi Nii Just dropped by to let you know I have just recieved your book through the post from Amazon,

it smells great so I may have to put it back into the envelope for the weekend because I still have one essay to do.

I love the smell of fresh books.

Looking forward to reading this story, hmm I see its fiction, o.k. that's cool.

Great to see you again in the limelight.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Bridge.