Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Free e-Book: This is Not a Love Poem


I am making a digital leap. Between 2002 and 2005, I performed over 500 times in poetry venues around the world. To keep true to my self-imposed stipulation to never perform the same set twice, I wrote at an incredible rate during the period and I have now decided to share these writings for free in two e-books. The first is some of the more overtly political stuff I performed (mainly in the US) as well as the last piece I performed, taken straight from my Book of Rhymes - a few weeks ago - at the RAP Party at the Albany at the invitation of Inua Ellams. The file is in ePub format, but because of the cover image (as shown on the left) it's in a zip file and the download options are below. While it's virtually free, I had to set the book up on Payloadz, so it will cost you the name of a rapper - 50 Cents

- Payloadz ($0.50):
The second e-book will be all love poems and will be out in early January. It will also be free-ish. Enjoy!

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