Monday, December 06, 2010

The third eye of poetry

It was my girlfriend who suggested to me

that some poets try to build an audience on spirituality

and it's not surprising I missed it 'cos my mind just says goodbye

when a poet launches into a 3rd successive poem about the 3rd eye.

I'm not here to talk about those poets;

I'm here to talk about/to those who patronise those poets.


If you're happy to applaud 3 successive poems

loaded with spiritual clich├ęs then you need help;

you need spiritual healing -

yes you do!


See when I choose to transport words from microphone to speakers

I do in some sense become a teacher

and so I consider it my duty to delve

beneath the easy options

and find truths to share…

If there's nothing there then I won't write…


So on spirituality I conclude like this:

I am my brother's keeper, but I'm not his spiritual healer

and nobody can tell you how to get in touch with your own spirit.

You don't need a 3rd eye to see that!!


Niall O'Sullivan said...

Ha ha! Too right, people often mention failed standups/rappers with regard to poets and spoken worders but we should also set our sights on the failed healers/revivalists too.

Unknown said...

Don't get me started on the healers - it's a genre on its own...