Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Parade (reviews in)

I know I haven't said much about my little kids book project from last year/early this year, but it is out there and it is slowly growing a following and some lovely reviews have come in which I'm happy to share with you now:

This collection of trickster tales is lively and entertaining and will be an essential component of any teacher's story collection.
Back to School Bookseller

With their vibrant sense of fun and cunning these stories are sure to have an enduring appeal.

These delightful stories can be dipped into by relatively new independent readers, but also read well if you are sharing the stories with your child. The setting in Ghana adds exotic appeal and poet KP Kojo creates a fresh experience quite different to most children's books.

Not only very energetic and entertaining, these tales also encourage children to be well-mannered and polite.

This wonderful collection of stories expands Ananse's myth with sparkling wit and words that roll off the tongue. K.P. Kojo has clearly written this refreshing new book to be read aloud and shared.
ABC Best Books for Children

The collection of six stories both read well, and sound well when read aloud, with the lively imagery of the text supported by the black and white line drawings. Each tale has a moral to be told - although part of the fun with Ananse is that you never quite know whether you are going to be following his example, or learn from his mistakes!
School Librarian

All six short stories are simply and assuredly told and, unsurprisingly, are delightfully set and are perfectly complemented by the illustrations of Karen Lilje, all drawn in black and white except for the cover. The moral in all of them is clear and it is interesting to see how even Ananse, despite all his wisdom, can err. The spider is aware of his own shortcomings and in the sixth story he is initially hiding in the forest reflecting upon this. This is a lovely book which is worth considering as an addition to any library supporting children in KS1 and lower KS2. Class teachers looking for multicultural stories for their classes would enjoy this book and so would new independent readers.
Armadillo Magazine

The ink illustrations will capture the younger children's imaginations, and the stories are short enough to be enjoyed as individual bedtime stories. The stories are very clearly told but with wonderful descriptive writing, setting the scene for each story and giving a little background information on the characters involved. A delight to read.
Ibby Link

This book will transport you to Africa as you get caught up in the rich, descriptive text and fast moving narrative.
English 4-11

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