Sunday, August 06, 2006

a code for living

So, I nearly missed the 'daily' and it's only my first week! My excuse is that I was coding and doing web updates for the 'creative community' website that I've been running for about five years. I am highly inefficient at it because I haven't really sat down to study any code since 2001 so I have to learn everything as I use it - invariably there are mistakes. I mean I spent an hour trying to figure out how to feed this blog into myspace using flash and I didn't succeed; I mean I'm halfway there, but I can't afford the extra hour it will take to get it right...

I did manage to roast a tasty leg of turkey while I was doing all the updating, and also read through a friend's CV for two hours trying to match it up with a job spec to help in an interview prep... Anyway, long way of saying that my treatise on women/men/objectification will have to wait. I did get pissed off by a statement on BBC Radio 3 though: they introduced Richard Rodney Bennett's jazz composition with a preamble that essentially said he had 'a legitimate music background'. wtf do they mean by that? All the other jazz musicians have an illegitimate music background? Of course, it was a roundabout way of saying Richard Rodney Bennett (I believe he's a SIR) was from a classical music background and it's precisely the kind of cultural imperialist statement that proves that the western world's 'establishment' has changed its clothes but still wears stinky prejudiced underwear. No wonder Miles Davis spent his time following Bird and ditched Julliard; who wants to restrict themselves to some fossilised bs claiming to be new rain? Damn!

ok, vent over. I was happy :) to find some new thing called celtx that allows you to collaborate on a writing project online and THAT is what progress is about!

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