Tuesday, August 08, 2006

spidery stillness

I've always thought that as long as things were in a state of constant movement, spiders couldn't settle. How wrong I was! My flat is infested with spiders right now and I KNOW I don't keep still, but then today - in a rare zen moment - it occured to me that my definition of movement could be stillness for a spider. I mean, how many seconds does a spider need to shoot silk from its backside and settle down? So, as much as I resent the invasion (and the fact that they are not paying rent etc) I'm OK about it now. I have finally understood the concept of light years in a down to earth manner, all through the galaxy of a spider's web!

Anyway, I'm sure you've noticed over the last two days that I've been listening to music and not reading. Well, that's a reason to celebrate. Those darned spiders are inspiring me to write, plus I have the comfort of knowing if I get stressed I can hunt them to kill (EVIL LAUGH - hu hu ha ha ha); it satisfies the Nii-anderthal in me :)

what i'm reading/listening to

Quiet After the Storm by Dianne Reeves

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